dan lasota's masters in education portfolio for online innovation and design


Four Slope Graphic

31 March 2013

This graphic was developed to help teach students about characteristics of linear functions. The functions are color coded with the graphs they produce. Sample points at -4, -1, 1 and 4 are plotted versus each function’s range. This was partially developed at fooplot.com and cleaned up in Adobe Illustrator. Although the assignment in ED 653 called for a graphic, I think the optimal way to use this tool in instruction would be as an intro to a screencast. Using the layer manager in Adobe Illustrator, I could capture a short lecture pointing out each function on the graph while changing the visibility of the layers in Illustrator. Another option would be a walk through of fooplot.com with follow up exercises directing students to create some functions based on other slope intervals.

colored lines in shifting hues radiate outwards from the center origin. Various equations label the lines and certain points are plotted


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