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Video Editing

19 August 2012

Time Lapse

I wanted to explore time lapse as a medium. Using my iPhone 4 and an app called Osnap along with a camera mount and flexible tripod for the iPhone, I was ready to start shooting. I went through many takes on many subjects before I started learning the intricacies of time lapse filming. Some of the things I learned about related to this were power management, camera adjustment and framing and editing techniques. This was my first project with iMovie as well.

Clouds Move

This was placed on YouTube in 4:3 format at 480p. It was recorded at a higher resolution but I Wanted to play with the format. The music was something I put together in GarageBand.

The Road to Work

This was placed on YouTube in 16:9 format at 1080p. The music on the video was also made in GarageBand by me. I put my GorillaPod flexible camera tripod to work, hanging my camera upside down from the rear view mirror.

Soccer Night

I was having a hard time finding or making music of my own, until I remembered the Creative commons Music archive. There is a wide range of music out there to grab, just pay attention to the licenses so the artist’s wishes are respected.

The long music track in the video is:
Might As Well Whistle (Ant Neely)


It takes a lot more than a camera to make a movie. This assignment taught me about film editing and planning. Using time lapse as a medium also was new to me. There were many considerations like power management, safety and finding interesting subjects. I think I would like to concentrate more on dynamic things like clouds in the future.

2 thoughts on “Video Editing

  1. Don Peterson says:

    You’re absolutely right; the camcorder doesn’t make the movie…as often witnessed on YouTube. Your intro and finale sure worked well, especially given the theme of your videos. I thought about using an exposure lock on the cloud video as the trees seemed to change color, but thought again as the time lapse was a central idea of the video. Clever idea on using the tripod on the road to work. A couple of the shots on the soccer video might have been shortened a bit, but the music you chose kept things moving right along. Good call on the Creative Commons archive. I must say I enjoyed your use of time as a unifying theme. Thanks for the effort!

    • dan.lasota says:

      Thanks. My next Christmas present to myself is going to be a movable tripod that you can place a camera on. It’s really a small robot that moves really slowly. Combined with time lapse, this give the scene motion so it seems like you are viewing the world in sped up motion and have a completely different take on things.

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