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Screen Capture

15 August 2012

The assignment is to create three related documents which lead students through computer-related tasks. Use text boxes and other forms of annotation to provide clear instruction. The tasks to be taught are your choice and must be related.

Creating Posts in WordPress

Creating a post in WordPress involves a few steps. You first need to be logged into the UAF eLearning Community Blogs. You should have an email from Dr. V with a username and password.

  1. With a browser tab open, go the the address: http://elementarymath.community.uaf.edu
  2. On the last item on the right, click on “Login”. This will take you to the next screen.

  1. Enter your UA username without the “@alaska.edu”. For instance, if your username were “hvanspronsen@alaska.edu”, you would enter hvanspronsen as the username.
  2. Enter the password that Dr. V sent to you.
  3. Click on the Login button, this will take you to the Dashboard screen.

  1. Click on the word “Posts” in the left hand column. This will expose the posts menu and change screens.

  1. Click on either of the “Add New” links indicated by the arrows. You’ll be taken to the next screen.

  1. Give your post a title.
  2. Enter your post in the content area.
  3. When you have reviewed your post, click on the publish button. Your post is now visible on the class blog.

One thought on “Screen Capture

  1. Don Peterson says:

    Dead on. Wise choice to use a temporary student account. I’m often amazed at how a small difference can create such confusion. I have PDF how-tos and screencasts for the electronic portfolio the secondary students use; every change in the interface means recreating each step.

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