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Personal Learning Network

7 June 2012

I like the model that UAF’s iTeach has for the basic components of a personal learning network: Connect, Collect, Reflect, and Share.


This is how I obtain information in the normal course of a day. I am fortunate to be able to consume large amounts of info from online media, but personal connections are even more important. The people that I interact with have a natural curiousness about them and its a great opportunity to see how they approach problems.


How is it that I retain the information I find?

  • Bookmarks in various browsers (I am slowly abandoning this practice, but my Safari bookmark menu is very long and I still use it from time to time)
  • Bookmarks in the cloud (essentially my Diigo account)
  • Pen and Paper (these scribbles can make it into other resources if important enough)
  • iPhone Camera (for real world collections and sometimes temporary holding spots for business card info that sits in a camera roll for a few hours until I enter it into my working address book)
  • just remember it (remembering a search term or web site will most often allow me to relocate something in the future)
  • box.net (cloud storage service)


This is where things hopefully go from sensory stimuli to short term memory, to long term memory and are cogitated upon to higher levels.

  • Work Blog: http://lasota.community.uaf.edu
  • Student Blog/Website, (here!), http://onidan.lasota.org
  • quiet, Jack Handy – like thoughts, mostly about losing keys in a flow of lava, or of that friend’s weird uncle who turned out to be a bear
  • actual quiet reflection on daily events, research, etc (not involving bears or lava)


Time to give back a little, right?



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