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24 September 2015 onid project

At long last I have finished the ONID program. I consider this an end of a phase, not the end of an endeavor. Now I have an additional line I can place on my resume, but more importantly I’ve picked up knowledge in design, research, and writing.

The Faraday Effect RCL is making progress. Over the summer UAF’s School of Natural Sciences was able to purchase six flint glass rods for potential use in the Physics labs. On Wednesday of this week, I was able to do some quick testing of the rod’s effectiveness as a Faraday Rotator. The rod, manufactured specifically for the purpose of being placed in a solenoid, was able to rotate the polarization angle of a red laser by about 10 degrees. I was pushing about 11 amps of current through the solenoid, about what the power supply and the coil would handle. The rotation is significant, and will be an effective demonstration in an educational lab.

Yesterday I made a presentation to a senior design class at UAF’s School of Engineering and Mines. Prof. Sunwoo Kim is leading the design class this year and thought that the automation of my Faraday Effect lab would make an excellent candidate for senior engineering undergrads to work on as a design project. They seemed interested in the project, I should hear soon if any are willing to work with my RCL concept as their capstone project.

Oh, and my project report? It’s available. Read on, and comment if you’d like.

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