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Faraday Pages Created

20 April 2015 onid project

In order to fulfil my M.Ed. requirements I’ve had to take classes, write a project overview, and of course do a project. In part, the project involves creating a web interface as a demonstration of how students would interact with the RCL.

screen shot from a web page

My project web pages for the Faraday RCL are done!

The four web pages that I made represent what a final completed RCL would look like. Some of it right now, like the lab controls and the web cams are not connected to the lab, but they do show how such controls would fit in with supporting materials that would make an instructionally sound lab experience.

I did think it a good idea to create instructional material, and some learning activities, after all, that is the essence of instructional design. Further, the web pages are presented in their own little shell, ornamented with a web theme that would pass the muster and guidelines of official University of Alaska Fairbanks academic pages.

The theory is meant to give relevant information for the learning activities in an engaging way, the lab equipment section gives some background to the student helping them realize that they would be working with actual equipment, and the activities are meant to reinforce the ideas presented as theory and allow students to apply their learning and investigate the Faraday Effect.

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