dan lasota's masters in education portfolio for online innovation and design


Final Project Approved

21 January 2015 project

Since sometime this past summer (2014), my M.Ed. committee members are:

  • Dr. Roy Roehl, School of Education, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Dr. Peter Delamere, Physics Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Dr. John Monahan, Upward Bound Director, University of Alaska Fairbanks

It’s difficult to get four busy people’s schedules lined up, but on January 16 I met with the committee as a whole and the members approved my project proposal for the completion of the ONID masters degree.

The next steps I have is to get an IRB waiver, negotiate access to the UAF Physics labs to work with equipment for the project, and to do a literature review of at least 25 more articles. It’s been about six months to a year since my last search and I’m curious what else has been published in the meantime. More and more RCLs seem to be coming online.

I will be posting my reviews here in a sprint, and journal progress on the project design.

My project proposal was entitled: Designing a Remote Control Laboratory to Demonstrate the Faraday Effect to Online Students.

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