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More Transparency and a Peek into the Edit Process

14 July 2012 onid

I wanted to make the pages and finished work in my portfolio more reflective of my instructor’s and cohorts’ comments. One way to show the changes in work is to display differences side by side. Some of these finished pages contain a list of revisions at the bottom of the page. The revisions show the time and date when each edit was made.

Once you click on such a revision you’ll see an older version of the page. In order to help highlight the differences, the changes are listed side by side at the bottom of older versions of pages. Some of the later revisions I do are based on feedback given by people in the class.


One thought on “More Transparency and a Peek into the Edit Process

  1. Skip Via says:

    Very cool. I’v always loved the ability to review previous versions of documents in Google Docs, but the ability to see side-by-side comparisons adds another dimension to the process.

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