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ED431 Mobile Research Jumpstart

8 July 2012 ed431 onid

One silver lining item to being late on a mobile assignment is that I can see what my cohorts have done for research. I went through my cohorts Diigo Libraries and looked for items they had tagged as onidmobile. The ones that interested me are now saved in my library with the original curators tags and my additional onidcohort tag.

Later tonight I will round out my Diigo Library with items that I have found. It is nice to be part of a learning cohort!

2 thoughts on “ED431 Mobile Research Jumpstart

  1. Carrie says:

    I agree Dan, it has been very nice to access the resources that the cohort has found. I am also late on my assignment and I really appreciate seeing what others have posted as I am working to refine my mobile tools blog. Hopefully, I have created a polished product as well. Did you post your mobile tools assignment yet?

    • dan.lasota says:

      Hi Carrie,

      I have not posted it as of yet. But I am working on it right now. I should have a draft up this evening. I found some interesting uses of mobile technology that really take advantage of a device that can be positionally aware, display contents from a library, and relay messages.


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