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4 June 2012 ed431 onid

What started as transferring a UA Google site over to a personal, external Google Site turned into a much larger exercise. Google Sites has a lot going for it, my favorite is the page content editor. It is quite adaptable in taking pasted content from word processors and giving WYSIWIG control of table manipulation directly in its editor. But it is lacking in so many ways. In order to streamline the process of web design, many customizations are not possible.

I desired more. Perhaps foolishly, but still. Part of this ONID degree is about online design, is it not?

So, I grabbed some WordPress code (nearly from scratch), made a new theme, revamped an old server with Apache, MySQL and php current versions and went to it. Along the way I learned quite a bit about fonts, layout and got a refresher on several aspects of CSS.

The big chunk of work involved moving my ED 655 content over to this blog. Much of the formatting had gotten mangled between original composition and multiple edits on Google Sites. I had to clean most of the pages up so my writing would satisfy APA 6 style.

There is more to do, I need to enable comments, design a more proper front page, deal with page file attachments and get a better dynamic sidebar.

4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Jean Heusinkveld says:

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog that I’m not seeing? Thanks.

    • dan.lasota says:

      Yes! And thanks for the reminder to make it a bit more transparent.

      Unless it is specifically set up to do otherwise, WordPress provides an rss feed for every blog/site. Just stick on a “/feed” to the end of the main web site url, like this:


      I will put up one of those RSS badges, which makes it easier, and add the write code to my theme so applications like Google Reader can grab it automatically.

  2. Jean Heusinkveld says:

    I like your design, Dan. It’s clean and simple, yet quite striking. Re moving your other coursework here: I know what a pain that can be, but you seem to have created smooth navigation so that it does not appear to be pieced together. For me, navigation can be a challenge. I try to plan ahead and often end up changing my mind. I’m glad we had a model to follow. I’m impressed with your determination to incorporate WordPress here too.

    • dan.lasota says:

      Thanks Jean. There is just a bit more. I learned quite a lot about WordPress comments this past day. I will probably end up writing up a guide, for users and administrators, on ways to tackle comments.

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