dan lasota's masters in education portfolio for online innovation and design



7 June 2012 ed431 onid

I’m Dan and this portfolio represents the major works from each of the classes in my graduate program of study. It is my hope that the style and functionality of the site will convey some sense of my design philosophy as well. I’m very eager to study the area of Instructional Design, where technology and pedagogy intersect.

My immediate goals for this ONID program have already partially been met. I wanted to improve my working and practical knowledge of pedagogy especially as it relates to online course design. I am an instructional designer at UAF eLearning and Distance Education. I was very happy that my first class, Online Pedagogy, had such a strong theory based foundation, but also provided opportunities apply that knowledge in real situations. I was able to draw upon experiences from work in class, but was also able to use new skills in the design of classes that will be offered in the semesters ahead at UAF.

My long term goals for my program involve replicating some of the work done in Germany at the University of Technology Kaiserslautern in relation to the use of remotely controlled laboratories (RCLs). I first read about RCLs in one of my article reviews for Online Pedagogy. I would like to create such a resource at the University of Alaska Fairbanks first in Physics, but then in Chemistry.

Dan LaSota
Twitter: @danlasota

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